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Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase

Comprehensive Personal Contract Purchase Deals in Bridgend from Sinclair Direct

Sinclair Direct are pleased to offer personal contract solutions as a method of financing our quality used cars. With the help of our in-house finance specialists Sinclair Finance and Leasing, we can help match you with a personal contract package that makes the perfect fit for your financial situation and requirements.

Personal contract purchase or PCP holds the appeal of low monthly payments with the flexibility of multiple options available at the end of the deal. It’s a great solution for private buyers and those opting out of company cars schemes.

There are numerous benefits to choosing PCP from Sinclair Direct:

  • Our PCP deals keep monthly payments to a minimum over a short term agreement, enabling you to afford a better car.
  • Short term contracts allow you to change and upgrade your car more regularly.
  • We offer a ‘Guaranteed Future Value’ (GFV) for the car at the beginning of the contract, which protects you against depreciation and eliminates the risk of negative equity.

Three Simple Choices

Once your personal contract purchase comes to an end, you’ll be left with three simple options to consider:

  • Make the final Guaranteed Future Value payment (plus the option to purchase fee), at which point you will have complete ownership of your car
  • Return your car to us and pay nothing more (subject to mileage and condition of the vehicle)
  • Part-exchange the car and use any differences in its value and the outstanding finance to pay a deposit for your new car

To find out more about the Sinclair Direct personal contract purchase deals and how they could benefit you, contact our friendly team today or visit the Sinclair Finance and Leasing website.

Considering Hire Purchase instead?

Sinclair Direct also offer Hire Purchase packages, a more traditional finance method resulting in full ownership of your car after a series of monthly payments.